Matthew Makes You Think About… Time Travel Movies!

Familiarity with plots and characters is presumed. Spoilers abound.

Time keeps on slipping. Or something.

Back to the Future (1985, 1989, 1990)

What’s that? Today’s the day Marty McFly travels to in the “future”? No, it’s not. That was two years ago. But consider this:

Back to the Future II (bonus thought)

The plot of BttFII is set in motion when Doc Brown takes Marty and Jennifer from 1985 to 2015 because each of their kids in turn gets in serious trouble on the same day in the future, and they — Marty, Jennifer, and Doc Brown — need to go to that day to prevent this from happening. So they cram into a time machine and travel forward in time.

Arrival (2016)

Ian (Jeremy Renner) will leave Louise (Amy Adams)—in the future, after the main events of the film—when Louise reveals that she knew well ahead of time that Hannah (their daughter) would get a rare, unstoppable disease, yet Louise will have kept this secret and chosen to have a child with Ian anyway, which Ian believes (will believe?) was the wrong choice. Whether Ian’s reaction — to run away from Louise and Hannah — is the “right” reaction, his anger at Louise is completely understandable. If you knew for a certainty that your child would get an untreatable disease and die at age 12, and that your husband/her father would leave you both before then, and you went ahead with having that child, then you are a monster.

Looper (2012)

This isn’t so much nit-picking as it is appreciation for very clever writing… that’s just plain ridiculous. But it’s in a time travel movie, so here it is:

Primer (2004)

Hell, no.



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